MMM: Fetes Des Neiges

Mostly Montreal Monday

Shots and thoughts from my new home of Montreal

Ain’t no party like a winter party because a winter party feels MANDATORY, when you live in Montreal.  (Forgive me Liz Lemon.)

We went to Fêtes des Neiges yesterday because it was a glorious winter day – we almost reached zero degrees! – and it seemed wise to spend it outside.  This was the perfect family outing in Parc Jean-Drapeau with ice slides, performers, tubing, skating, ice sculptures and a life-sized foosball game where kids were strapped in where the peg-legged players would be.  Fun!

Just like the Holiday Parade, I was amazed by the commitment of the performers here.  The costumes and make-up were flawless and the players themselves were approachable, spirited and even bi-lingual.  They were true ambassadors for the event.

_MG_6937 _MG_6941 _MG_6945 _MG_6959 _MG_6962_MG_7013

We ate salted pretzels, drank hot chocolate and soaked it all in making the easy decision to attend both days next year.

_MG_6970 _MG_6990 _MG_7002 _MG_7005 _MG_7051 _MG_7030 - Version 2

Thanks Montreal.  Party on!


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