The Best Things I Saw All Week

Happy Friday!  Let’s start with an explosion:


"Day's End"

“Day’s End”


I didn’t tidy up, not even after taking the picture so I think I’m officially an artist.

We went to the Grand Bibliothèque, Montreal’s largest library, and they had this age simulator in the kids’ section.  Here’s Farrah Star at age OMGWHYDIDIPRESSTHEBUTTON:


I spent the rest of the weekend taking pictures of her like this


so the seizures would stop.

This guy who caught me smiling at him smiling at him smiling at him:

Sortie 029 (1)

I caught this dying rat in the shadow of smokestack and titled it “Pollution in the Plateau” but National Geographic hasn’t called yet.


And from the Rabbit Hole, ripped for your pleasure:

  • I started doing this when I first had Arlo and decided not one more second of my life would be spent looking for “good” ones.
  • “A hideous orange makes beautiful juice.”  Selling Ugly.
  • Arlo received pencils and a coloring book for Christmas.  I thought I would join him at the table and sought a coloring book of my own.
  • My latest find on Twitter:
    • Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 8.45.35 AM

Finally, thanks to you who chose to Follow Salvation recently.  I won’t let you down as long as your expectations hover mid-range.
Have a great weekend!




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