MMM: Holy Macaroni

Mostly Montreal Monday

Shots and thoughts from my new home of Montreal

Last week I grabbed my camera and despite the horrid temperature, just walked about aimlessly one afternoon.  It was the kind of walking the kids and I would manage every day in every other season besides this one.  Blah, blah winter sucks blah.

I came upon this garage and smiled because walking is good and walking in Montreal is great.

_MG_6898Theatre SPACE GO

Projet Quai Des Arts

“The idea came from the desire to make SPACE GO react to graffiti that appears sporadically on the façade of the theater, especially in its dock. Considering all the creativity shown by the scene graff Montreal, SPACE GO had the desire, rather than counter the phenomenon, to encourage in a specific context. Why not offer this space that is the landing SPACE GO to creative young people?

The artists met on 15 and 16 August 2011 to create this mural are Caro Caron, Zema, Mireille B. Utcher Krista Bursey, Peru Dyer, flexib, Tyler Rauma, Jason Botkin, Frank Lam and Fred Caron.”

_MG_6873 _MG_6870

If I worked here I would take up smoking again to have an excuse to come outside several times a day.

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Happy Monday Explorers.  Bundle up and let your feet wander.  But don’t smoke.  That shit will kill you.


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