Mollycoddle Doodle Start the Day

Getting everyone dressed today to get to the bus stop, Arlo whimpered, “You always talk nice to Farrah but not to me.”  It’s true because 1) I dress Farrah and Arlo dresses himself and 2) I will do anything to avoid a flailing, wailing tantrum when we have to leave the house, even if that means playing goofy games instead of yelling “Farrah!  Mittens!  Right n…Don’t you throw that.  Damnit!” which is what I want to say, which is certainly what I mean and what inevitably Arlo hears when god forbid HE should linger over a mitten.
The truth hurts and I felt terrible to hear it.  I wrapped my arms around him and apologized and told him I’d try harder to be nice.  I have to get nicer.  I also need to circumvent the Bus + Rush = Mean Mom therefore Bus = Bad conclusion that must be drawing near.  I’ve come too far to let that dream die.
I’m sure getting ready earlier isn’t the answer; there is ample time.  I can envision only one scenario that doesn’t involve me hollering in the morning: me dressing both of them at my speed.  In fact in this scenario I see lots of kisses and hugs during the donning of snow pants and neck warmers.  Smiles, squeezes and laughter, that’s how I want to start their morning and mine.  Wouldn’t you?  Even if he’s five and can do it by himself?  I’m willing to mollycoddle in exchange for closeness.


How are you handling the morning rush?  Have you found a way to be nice?




2 thoughts on “Mollycoddle Doodle Start the Day

  1. Ahh, the morning rush! Sometimes it works to make a game out of it: “Arlo, let’s see if you can get your mittens on before I get Farrah’s on her” and so on. Of course one doesn’t invariably have the necessary patience for that!


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