Six Months in Our Bedroom

We are now six months in Montreal.  I’ll show you what I’ve changed since the first two weeks, what works, what STILL doesn’t work and how much it cost. (I have spent a lot of time indoors.)

Master Bedroom





What Changed:

  • Hamper out
  • File cabinet out/Vanity created
  • Art in
  • Plant in
  • Curtains out/privacy film in
  • Ottoman in

What Works:

  • Hamper.  While I have room for the hamper, I can no longer abide by strangers seeing my dirty laundry.  Two new lidded hampers purchased and now in the hallway.
  • Vanity.
    • This is our master bath where I would normally get ready.   It only has overhead lighting and the ceiling is very, very tall.  The bridge of my nose always looks perfect, but only the bridge of my nose.


This is the lighting in the master bedroom and lighting like this will not be ignored, Dan.


I took a shelf, bought a mirror, moved an ottoman and made a vanity:





This has done wonders for my exacting nature.  I can see every eyelash and every degree in the arch of my brow.  It’s not sexy but it gets the job done.



  • Art.  I had to haul the ladder from the garage to hang the two pieces above the closet but it was worth it.  Kris bought the painted fabric from India many years ago.  When I met Kris I picked these beauties up off the floor, ironed them and taped them into cheap poster frames.  I like that they have a life now but at a distance.


 I also added discs (shells?) behind the bed.


They add texture to a dull wall without competing against the cushions and bedspread.  I’ve had these for 10 years and they have worked 100 different ways.  If I ever see more at a thrift store I’m buying them.  You should too but not from the store where I shop.

Our portraits have been shifted to one wall- a wall already busy with furniture so the party over here contrasts nicely against the business over there (bed).


  • Plant.  You knew this was going to happen.  I don’t like having indoor plants; I have enough living things to care for and it is a constant battle to keep the cats from eating plants and then vomiting plants.  It’s like the Game of Thrones’ Green Wedding up in here.  I didn’t have them in Bermuda or Madison because we were surrounded by plants and trees but they do soften our Montreal home.  They also add dimension which is the real reason why I endure them – there are only so many flat, square things you can put on a wall.  TIP:  Buy the same type of plant for your whole house.  Learn about keeping only one thing alive.
  • Curtains.  The owner left dark velvet curtains which are nice but a pain in the ass; I don’t need to open and close curtains every day and every night of my life (remember how I got out of the Army?).  Plus the washing of twice a year.  Window films do it all.  TIP: Only cover what is necessary.  Leave borders.  It looks more expensive and allows more light.

_MG_7567  Well maybe not in this picture but trust me, borders give off a professional, etched vibe.

  • Ottoman.  I bought this pink Moroccan pouf for the living room but its height and squishiness didn’t work for Kris.  I moved the previous leather ottoman to my vanity and put Pink Lady in here.  Functions nicely and looks great with the Jericho chair (what doesn’t?) but it’s a little bubble-gum for all my jewel tones.



What Doesn’t Work:

Speaking of jewels, all my stuff is hanging in my closet and is just inconvenient enough to make me not bother at all.  I’m on the hunt for a small jewelry armoire to place on a nightstand next to my vanity.


$4 window film, $14 plant, $22 mirror, $40 two hampers and $160 on the pouf, my biggest home purchase in the last six months. $240.

Outside of the jewelry I think I’m done in here … or least until summer when I move it all around again.

IMG_3620 IMG_3621

See you Wednesday for the next installment.  I’ll meet you upstairs.


6 thoughts on “Six Months in Our Bedroom

    • Like everything else in my life, my plants are watered on demand. I have no idea why they are doing so well. I’ve recently topped off their soil with used coffee grounds but only BECAUSE IT LOOKS NICE. Honestly, I have no business owning plants. But thank you. :)


      • Oooo used coffee grounds. I shall try, just in case that is the secret! I too feed on demand (my baby that is) and it’s getting me NO WHERE… post to come ahahaha. Do you have sign up to receive posts by email on your blog? I’m not always in the reader and I’d love to have your posts delivered to my inbox….


  1. Well aren’t you lovely! Thank you. There’s a “Follow Salvation” button at the top of the sidebar that should get you what you need. But you remind me to add one at the bottom for those who don’t (understandably) want to scroll back to the top.


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