Six Months in Our Playroom

We are now six months in Montreal.  I’ll show you what I’ve changed since the first two weeks, what works, what STILL doesn’t work and how much it cost.

Play Area

Play Area




What Changed:

  • Two more sets of Hot Wheels Wall Tracks were generously gifted to Arlo and with them, the need to move the play structure.  Upon rearranging, I realized I couldn’t keep it and the train table in the same space; there just wasn’t enough room.

 Then I researched splitting the towers and adding monkey bars which led to more shifting.

 Then I disassembled the ramp.

 Then the rope-and-pulley system.  Then put them back on.

 Then there’s the issue of the freezing exterior wall so the bean-bags and books couldn’t be there.

 And the intense floor slope which doesn’t allow for any furniture and on and on and on until …

What Works:

  • Placing part of the play structure into the open area/doorway gave me the sense of privacy I had been craving and frankly, it just shows better.  It’s a handsome investment piece and it deserves to be showcased in addition to being fully utilized.


  • Though the ramp (under the giant “5” below) doesn’t fit the way it was intended, I still made it work.  Bungee cords are my new pool noodle which was my new blue painter’s tape.


  • Incorporating this old shelf into the play structure (and off a wall) finally gave me the space I needed.  Removing the ugly back panel off the top section keeps things bright and visible (the slide is over there).  It’s slim enough to blend into the structure and the toy accessibility is top-notch.


I paid $40 for this shelf more than 10 years ago and like my hanging shells in the bedroom, it has been used 40 different ways.  Here is it in our Madison make-shift mudroom:

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 1.59.07 PM

  • The wall of rainbow lights was a sudden inspiration.  These are the lights from the kids’ Christmas tree and I struggled for a moment hanging them here fearing all their “magic” would be lost come next Christmas.  I needed something very long and very light and very free though so I went for it.  I must say they make everyone smile, just like magic.


  • The beanbag nooks and books on the lowest shelf keep the kids reading despite all the other “noise” in this space.


What Doesn’t Work:

  • The beanbags are as limp as cooked spaghetti.  I’ve got to find a filler and plump those suckers up.  For free.
  • Like our bedroom, I have discs hanging in here, some in the window and some with the rainbow lights.  I thought would be reflective but they just hang there, as limp as cooked spaghetti.  Expect them to find a more prominent home pronto.  Speaking of …

Cost:  $40 yellow hanging discs $40

It feels nuts to be writing about such small changes in such great detail but this is what I do all day every day; think about and act on the function and beauty of my home.  Plus you know, WINTER.  Thank you for being here. I suspect you’re nuts like me and I like that about you.  I’ll be taking it to the limit one more time in the Dining and Living Rooms.  You haven’t seen minutiae until you’ve read tomorrow’s post, guarantee.

Stay here and if you’re new, Follow Salvation below or to the right.  You’ve found your people.


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