Curb Creativity in a Trunk Reality

This is what the inside of my trunk looks like all winter:


  • 1 stroller
  • 1 sled
  • 1 bag of swimming gear for all four of us
  • 2 bags of ice skating gear for all four of us

We use all of this regularly because we have *such* an amazing attitude about getting out and enjoying wind chills of -33°!  Yay us!  We were out on such an evening when I spied these on the curb:


These are hard tubes covered in sheets of Quebec (French) newspaper.  There were three bundles of them, in three different lengths, waiting on the curb for the morning’s recycling.

Are you thinking what I thought?  Wall treatment? Ceiling fixture? Gate for the kids’ bedroom?  Had it not been -33° I would have had to sit down for all the spinning in my head.  Everyone already in the car, I motioned to Kris to give me a sec and grabbed the largest bundle and carried it to the trunk.

The trunk.


Goddamn trunk in the goddamn winter.  I cannot begin to express my disappointment.  Stymied and nearing hypothermia, I returned the rolls back to the curb and we went home.  It was bedtime – there was no way to pull off a retrieval mission until much later and then it would only be one of us.  The bundles would be headed for the dump by morning.

I wish I had asked Kris, who later that night was already in the garage helping our neighbor, to just go and get them for me but I foolishly thought he noticed my excitement and was going to do it himself and surprise me.  I should have just asked.

I think about those tubes, covered in French and most likely with that day’s date printed everywhere, living with us years from now – years from now when there will be no such thing as newspaper!  A living souvenir of our time in Montreal.  Living art.  Living with meaningful design.  And even if they didn’t work out, if they didn’t fit or look good, I’d just have to put them back on the curb.

On the heels of my decorating posts from last week, I say there is not only inspiration everywhere but also the materials.  You just need to let your head spin and make room.







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