Out Like a Lion

She came out like a lion March 1st, two years ago.

She made everything bigger and louder and better and I am certain it takes the love of all three of us to equal the love from her.  There could be no other way.  She is perfect in this world, in this place, in this time.


She is the greatest gift we ever gave Arlo and that wasn’t even our intention; the two of them just fell into love.


She says things like “BOWSHARES!” (Downstairs!) and “MYOOKICK!” (Music!).  Her favorite shirt is the one with Thomas and James on it and she gets upset when it’s in the hamper. “OOOOoooooHHHHH! CHOO-CHOO SHURT!”  Everything we have, see and do is hers.  “ME CAR!”  “ME TURN!”  “ME SHOWZUR!” (Shower!).  She’s never finished a meal away from my lap.  She’s never finished a day without her milk.  She still sucks her thumb when she’s tired.  She finally sleeps through the night.


She makes me want to live better so that I can live longer so that I can spend more time with her.  She makes me want more of everything.


My Lion.  My Lamb.  My Love.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Farrah Star.

Birth Story

Farrah’s Birth Parts One and Two

Farrah’s First Birthday

Happy Weekend Dear Readers!  We’ll be eating cake and making wishes.


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