Suddenly, A Street Photographer

Facebook suggested I join a group called “Montreal Street Photographers” and I did because nobody knows me like you, Facebook, with your sweet, sweet algorithms.  I’ve been a member and contributor now for a few weeks and I’m getting a feel for it.

This is not Street Photography:


This is Urban Landscape.

This is not Street Photography:

This is Street Style.

Gerry, the group administrator writes,”It’s not about the gear or some complicated philosophy. It’s about documenting humans in public places in the City we love.”  The images shared by these artists are filled with longing and insight, powerful lines and evocative lighting.  Here are some of my own attempts:


Stroller, 2015


Confederacy of Fools, 2015


Okay, You Too, 2015


Starling, 2015


Eye Candy, 201

Bon Journee, 2015

Bon Journee, 2015

Ascending the Plateau

Ascending the Plateau, 2015

Some of my shots have gotten positive reviews from the group and that motivates me.  One of my images generated a little controversy and discussion and that made me feel like a peer.

Sortie 029

(Image from my Nine Golden Rings post.)

Ultimately, joining this group has started to fill the hole in my heart that used to contain birds, birds, birds.  It’s hard to articulate how much I miss those bird-chasing Wisconsin days and even harder to calculate how much time I spent doing it.  But I live in Montreal now and you can only shoot so many pigeons.  Or photograph them.  I need a new reason to get outside and thanks to this group, I have one.

Suddenly, I’m a Street Photographer.


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