MMM: Butterflies, Raw

Mostly Montreal Monday

Shots and thoughts from my new home of Montreal

Kris likes to take Farrah Star to the Botanical Garden’s butterfly exhibit and Farrah loves to go because she gets her hand stamped.  “ME STAMP!”  “ME ZIBIT!” (exhibit!)  For the rest of the week she gives us hourly updates on status of her ink – the more faded, the more dramatic:  “OooooohhhhhhOHHH! ME StaaaaAAAAMPpppp!”.


This is a glorious and peaceful exhibit, especially for kids, as the creatures flit about at eye-level and congregate on low-lying flowers.  This is not an exhibit however that I enjoy photographing.  There are hundreds of people out there with better skills and better equipment taking better pictures of these butterflies.  For me such an exercise lacks personal context and therefore tempers inspiration.  I took pictures anyway though – practice, practice, practice – and instead challenged myself not to edit them.  Here are my restrained results:

_MG_9011 _MG_9016 _MG_9025 _MG_9038 _MG_9047 _MG_9048 _MG_9060 _MG_9063

[Canon 7D, 50mm]

Not bad but here is the most interesting photo I took all day:


This butterfly landed on my knee and Farrah Star became distressed, “MOMMA!  NO MOMMA. NO.” shaking her head emphatically and pointing her finger.  Her grumble is written all over her pouty lips in this picture.  No one else took that shot because that shot didn’t mean anything to anyone else.
It’s my stamp.

Cheers to you Montreal and your lovely Botanical Gardens; a true haven for butterflies and all creatures great and small.


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