Montreal Street Photography, III

Kris was in Toronto for a couple of days this week so things slowed down.  The weather got warmer so we walked home from school and things slowed way down.

It felt as good as it looked:


Beautiful Montreal

I also repurposed our dress-up feather boas and punched holes through plastic eggs to bring a little spring to our doorstep …

IMG_4198 IMG_4184 IMG_4142 - Version 2

but what I mainly did was Street Photography:


Switch, 2015


Sink, 2015


Caffeinated, 2015


Strain, 2015


Self-Titled, 2015


Distance, 2015


Fresh, 2015

Knowledge, 2015

Knowledge, 2015

I’m already finding the need to curb (sorry) this new interest/passion.  Like the phone, my camera can easily become omnipresent when I’m with my kids and instead of being with them, I am constantly scanning for photographic opportunity.  These are not the memories I want to create.  I’m a stay-at-home-parent however – I’m always with my kids – so can’t I also get mine?  I’ve been striking the balance using simple ratios: I’m with Farrah full-time so when she and I are out, I bring my camera.  Arlo goes to school, so when we are out, I leave the camera.  This is math, no?  Whatever it is it works, memories intact.

Thanks for looking out my window.  I hope you have a good weekend balancing all that you do.


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