Montreal Street Photography, V

Baller, 2015

Baller, 2015

The Boy of St. Louis Square

The Boy of Saint-Louis

Buzz, 2015

Buzz, 2015

Right Turn Red, 2015

Right Turn Red, 2015


After School, 2015

_MG_0238 - Version 2

Skim, 2015

I got a lot of eye contact this week which was both unsettling and satisfying.  If I keep this up I know there’s going to be a confrontation and of that I am very wary, especially since Farrah is with me.  I’ve learned that in Street Photography however, closer is better which means I’m going to be seen and I’m going to be held accountable.  I just hope I’m prepared with a smile and a compliment.

Have a great weekend!  Shoot ’em if you got ’em.


One thought on “Montreal Street Photography, V

  1. It was only yesterday that I realized somehow I was unsubscribed from you! Quelle horreurs! I will not let it happen again, friend. I love your street work, as always!


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