MMM: Where the Wild Birds Are

Mostly Montreal Monday

Shots and thoughts from my new home of Montreal

Last fall we met a couple who told us if we wanted to see big birds, they’d likely be at Parc des Rapides.  Eight months later we made it.

_MG_0829 _MG_0831 _MG_0837 _MG_0851 _MG_0856 _MG_0878

As owners of a new bike rack and parents of a new bike rider, we came to this park to ride along the river path jointly and safely.  As it happened, Kris got a flat tire, diverting him and the kids to the playground while I cycled back and got the car.  I took a rushed twenty minutes of this detour to bird-watch but I could have stayed for hours, for days.

I am a lover of a big birds; herons, cranes, egrets so I was pleased – emotional even – when I saw two such beauties during my watch.  They were at quite a distance (shot with my Canon 7D and 300mm ) but it didn’t matter.  As the red-winged blackbirds yakkity-yakked overhead, I realized it had been ages since I’d heard any bird’s song and along with the morning’s bright sun, it warmed my heart.  I can’t wait to return; I have at least eight weeks until it snows again I think.

Happy Monday!

Your Montreal Explorers

(Two of) Your Montreal Explorers


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