MMM: On Bizard Pond

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Shots and thoughts from my new home of Montreal

Saturday was our second visit to Parc-nature du Bois-de-l’Île-Bizard but a completely different one as we were able to bring the bikes.  There is a lovely series of bridges to ride which was lots of fun for Arlo and a perfect perch for me to park and look for birds.


There were red-winged blackbirds everywhere and a few obvious mallards and geese.  There was no doubt more to see at the edges of this lush marsh/pond complex because most of the watchers had equipment like this guy:


I pointed downwards instead.

_MG_1023 _MG_1024


I also took note of the beautiful ordinary.


Then out of nowhere, a green heron flew in over this goose and I was all BAM!









_MG_1047 _MG_1049 _MG_1051

I never met a heron I didn’t want to photograph to death.

The goose left and whenever a goose flies solo it cracks me up because it appears so cartoonish in the air.


Then I saw a Mother Goose working very hard at tending her nest and I took back everything I just said about her flying relative.  Happy Mother’s Day, Goose.


Speaking of mothers and nest and ponds, here are two of my favorite books from our home library.  I think you’ll enjoy them too.





Happy Monday!

From your Montreal Explorers

From your Montreal Explorers


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