Visiting Salvation: Born in Bermuda, Sam’s Story

Visiting Salvation is your story.

I met Dawn during a Conscious Birth Class in Bermuda and we were part of each other’s village during the first year of Arlo and Poppy’s lives.  Still living in Bermuda, Dawn recently brought Sam into her world.  Here is their birth story:

 The thought of labour never really worried me because unfortunately, I did not enjoy being pregnant with Poppy or Sam; let’s just say I do not “bloom” in pregnancy.  I had GD (gestational diabetes) again with this pregnancy and gained a lot of weight, so much so that the nurse at the Diabetic Clinic said she would not like me to be any heavier.  I watched what I ate and never went near a sweet, pudding or chocolate.  I was not allowed to eat fruit until after lunch as the natural sugars would make my testing be high.

The thought of labour (and the end of pregnancy) was always a blessing.

 I met with Fiona Dill, my Doula, on February 3rd as we had just moved into our house that week and she recommended I have a stand-by doula as she would be away on my due date of February 13th.  She gave me the names and the websites of both of the ladies and we said our goodbyes and I went back to painting our old house.

I had been having pains all day but that was nothing unusual.  I did however mention it to my husband, Neil.  I had a shower and put Poppy to bed and we did our usual bedtime story.  As I said goodnight my waters broke and I mean broke.  I had to stand in the hallway with seven towels!  We called Fiona and had a joke about me knowing she was going away and that it was also a full moon.  I went into labour with Poppy on a full moon too!  Unfortunately my waters were green in color so I was advised to make my way to the hospital.  We arrived at 10pm – me in my pjs with towels between my legs – we walked all the way.  Many people asked if I would like a chair and I refused. The nurses did their tests by monitoring the baby’s heart rate and checking my blood pressure.

They let me labour for a few hours and then said I was not progressing and there was a higher risk to the baby the longer they left it … so Pitocin was administered into a drip.  The levels were increased slowly.  I knew what was coming next as I had the same with Poppy.  HELL the contractions were so intense I did not have time between the contractions!  I had gas-and-air at this point and Fiona asked for the Pitocin to be turned down.  They checked me and I was only 4cm dilated.  I asked for an epidural as I knew I would never do it by myself – it was just too much.  All in I had a Pitocin IV, fluids, epidural, heart monitor, my blood pressure being taken, my sugar levels being tested and then they were asking me to sign papers to confirm my address and confirmation of my epidural.  I could have been signing my life away, I really had no idea at this stage.

I know that pushing started and took around 4hours. Along with my husband and Fiona, my doula, at delivery there was also my OB and five nurses.  I delivered my baby at 1:20pm with labour lasting 17hours.  He weighed 7.15oz, was 21inches long with a 15inch head; he was a big boy.  At birth, the nursery was called as he had fluid on his lungs.  He was wrapped up and taken away.  I did not get to hold him until later.

When I next saw him he had an IV in his little hand and he had antibiotics for 48hours in case there was any form of bacteria.  The test results take 48hours but they administer the antibiotics straight away.  Once the test results came back negative they took his IV out.

 Everyone had told me he had lots of hair but he was taken away so quickly that I didn’t notice.  After a few hours I asked for him and they said they were still doing tests.  At 5pm the nurse came in and said “I think someone is hungry!”  He was wheeled in, in the small plastic bassinet and I lifted him out and he was the most beautiful little bundle of joy I had ever seen. Already with a full head of brown hair he looked like a little man. My new little man!!!!

Poppy and Sam

Poppy and Sam

Poppy and Sam

Poppy and Sam

Thank you so much Dawn for sharing your birth story.  You are a doting, loving mother and this world is a better place for your lighthearted and good-natured parenting.

Do you have something to share with the BPS community?   Birth, bird-watching, motherhood, street photography from your home town or how much candy is too much candy – if there is such a thing?  If you’d like to Visit Salvation, erase my details, add yours and submit the form below.  I will contact you with next steps.



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