Montreal Street Photography, VI Plus a Before/After

_MG_0281 - Version 2

Escort, 2015


Sunstroke, 2015

12 Steps

12 Steps


Melon, 2015

Polite in Flannel

Polite in Flannel, 2015


Springboard, 2015


Grit, 2015


Genesis, 2015

My street photography dropped off significantly the past three weeks because 1) I’m back on the bike and 2) I was busy losing sleep.  Biking is great for the spirit but terrible for street photography.  There are only so many pictures I can capture from my rear-view mirror and they all look like this:


I feel the loss of momentum but not inspiration so I seize every opportunity.  For example, I took this shot with a shaky iPhone as I nursed Farrah Star:

Fallen Hero

Fallen Hero

I saw her with a cape and rainbow and the caption wrote itself.  I like it but it’s a crappy picture.  Here’s the original:

IMG_4818 - Version 5

I forced it with software, cranking up the contrast and color in a super-hero style because I felt that strongly about the image and its mood.

I’d love to hear your feedback.  How far do you go?  What’s your fix when you just can’t let an image go?

Things to ponder this weekend.  Have a good one and keep your head up!


3 thoughts on “Montreal Street Photography, VI Plus a Before/After

  1. I like the quality and variety of your images. I’m often loathe to take pictures of people because… well, I don’t know because. I just am, I suppose. Your images capture something of their dignity and inner lives, and it’s the thing I love most. That last image… I don’t know what she’s thinking or going through, but I feel for her. I’m glad you fiddled with it in your software. I don’t like to do that with my photos too much, but sometimes it’s necessary. :-)

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  2. So much story here in all these pictures. I’ll never know them, but they’ve already begun in my mind. As for how far to go with a picture: I use only a few filters, but i’d say for a picture you feel passionate about and feel a connection with, there’s no ‘too far.’ Bring us there, no matter what it takes.

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