MMM: Pill at Parc Boucherville

Mostly Montreal Monday

Shots and thoughts from my new home of Montreal

Kris took us to Parc National des Îles-de-Boucherville on Saturday, bikes in tow.



Weather and a late start meant we didn’t stay long but one word kept going through my mind: “Opportunity”.  Bike paths, bridges, birding, boating and even camping, all 20 minutes from home.  We’ll be back many times I’m sure.







We even saw a deer!

_MG_1643 _MG_1645

While I was thinking opportunity I was also thinking about opportunity lost.  I was, to be honest, a total pill that morning.  Kris had just come from a work trip at the end of a very long week, two weeks, month  … and I was just done.  I longed for a break and wasn’t offered one and so I pouted. I couldn’t get a decent shot of a bird.  Or a deer.  I had no idea where we were headed or for how long.  Only one of us carried snacks and water.  Farrah Star kept yelling “HUNGRY!” despite having  Arlo forgot how to use his brakes.




My attitude picked up that afternoon when we strolled and ran errands on Rue St. Denis but I didn’t really get out of it until Sunday morning.


Mama needs to write.  Mama needs to roll.

You feel me?

Happy Monday and Peace to you, from a different place and perspective.


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