MMM: Saying Yes to René-Lévesque

Mostly Montreal Monday

Shots and thoughts from my new home of Montreal

When school is closed here it is called a “Ped Day” which sounds like a holiday celebrating pedicures but it’s actually short for Pedagogical Day which sounds like something you should see a podiatrist about.  Either way, we had one on Friday and while Kris and Arlo were at the Grand Prix, Farrah Star and I were on an adventure with friends.

It’s been my experience that it takes nine months to a year to settle in to a new city.  (Winter doesn’t help.)  We are nine months in Montreal and I’m happy to say many friendships are taking root and having fun is getting easier and more bountiful.  (Summer helps.)

One such new friend, Heather, invited us on an outing Friday and we were happy to oblige.  SHE EVEN DROVE — no wait — she followed her GPS, responded to her daughters, gave me a history lesson on Quebec AND drove.  It was amazing.  I just drank my coffee, handed 38 graham crackers to the gigglers in the backseat and listened to why things are the way they are.

Our destination was the sculpture garden in Lachine and it did not disappoint:


“Parc René-Lévesque is an urban park in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is located in the borough of Lachine on a jetty between the Saint Lawrence River and the end of the Lachine Canal.  The jetty was created in 1848 during the digging of the Lachine Canal. A parallel jetty, created in 1883, is used as a yacht club.  There is a sculpture garden consisting of twenty-two sculptures by Quebec artists in the park.” – Wiki









I didn’t get permission to post photos of Heather’s daughters so here’s an unidentifiable one just so I can say thank you and

Happy Monday from several of your Montreal Explorers!

Happy Monday from several of your Montreal Explorers!

Say yes to everything!


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