MMM: FanGirl at MuralFest

Mostly Montreal Monday

Shots and thoughts from my new home of Montreal

MuralFest has been on my calendar since it was announced and yet I really haven’t done any of it because I’m not sure how to do it.  We should have at least taken a morning and biked the map of new murals but instead playgrounds overtook me.  Because.I.don’t.see.enough.playgrounds.  Grr.  The choices I choose.

Luckily after school one day, I started to point out the ever-familiar cat on Rachel Street


only to find it turned into THIS:


WHAT?!?  Same place, same artist, different cat.  MuralFest!



This artist is Shalak, aka Shalak Attack.  I waited until she came down the ladder before forcing her to look at the pic of my kids in front of her previous work, asking her name and basically fawning all over her.  Here’s a little bit more from her site: Shalak Attack is a Canadian-Chilean visual artist dedicated to painting, muralism, graffiti urban art, and canvases. Shalak  has manifested her artistic expression on urban walls across the world.  Shalak is a co-founder and member of the international art collectives “Essencia”, the “Bruxas”, and the “Clandestinos”.

You should check out her gallery to see more of her incredible work because INSPIRATION.

She and her partner, Bruno Smoky created this mural and though I didn’t speak with him, we also got to watch him develop this piece:


Look at this detail, all with spray paint!


I know I’m one of the hundreds, thousands maybe who saw this mural that day but I’ll never forget the privilege of being witness to such greatness and in turn, the artist’s kindness to me and my kids.



I am in a legit fandom.  Thank you Montreal.


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