MMM: Pink Is The Warmest Color

Mostly Montreal Monday

Shots and thoughts from my new home of Montreal

The main street in the Gay Village opens up to pedestrians only during the summer and its ceiling is sprinkled with 170,000 pink balls.

Via Claude Cormier + Associés

Via Claude Cormier
+ Associés

 It is as gay and as beautiful as that sounds.




“The pink balls work because they create a sense of enclosure. One of the problems pedestrian streets face, especially in a car-dependent North American society, is that they often feel empty and sapped of vitality. You don’t realize how much space cars take up until they’re gone; a street that seems narrow when it’s filled with traffic, like Ste. Catherine, suddenly feels vast when the asphalt is clear. The baubles counteract that by tricking the mind into thinking the space is smaller and busier than it actually is. Plus they’re fun. And, you know, gay.” – via Maisonvueve


D for Democratie, via Aires Libres

 _MG_2509 _MG_2510 _MG_2530   _MG_2541 _MG_2547_MG_2549

May you all stroll under such an umbrella this Monday morning.

On a barely related note, check this:

 “I snorted a whole bag of powdered pink flamingoes, and it was enough to power me through my blues.” – Jarod Kintz

Reading that perfect sentence makes me feel bad you had to read every word I wrote above it.  But I keep trying.


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