Biking Montreal: Conversion Therapy

We got a new bike!


It is a cargo bike, an Xtracycle, slightly used and purchased here in Montreal through Ma Bicylette.

Five Reasons to Convert to Cargo:


Previous set-up for reference

  1. Size.  Farrah is nearly out of the iBert (green seat) and with Arlo in the Wee-hoo trailer, there was simply nowhere else to put her.
  2. Growth.  We’ll get several years out this Xtracycle, removing the safety cage (is that a thing?) when the kids get too big for it.
  3. Stability.  Once I test drove a single-frame cargo bike, there was no going back.  Unless I’m not wearing a bra, nothing wobbles.  I was constantly and irrationally afraid the Wee-hoo would come loose and deposit my firstborn in the middle of the city streets.  Now Arlo sits mere inches from me, just where I like him.
  4. Storage.  It’s aptly named a cargo bike because of the enormous saddle bags under the kids’ legs (see my eyes for reference).
  5. Ease.  It’s lighter, more compact and easier to accelerate, turn and park.

IMG_5977 IMG_5941

There’s even room for friends!

10403422_10153723164499218_6625983941113397632_n 12002121_10153723514104218_4153329742798168542_n

There is nothing about this bike I don’t like and in particular, I love how the kids now interact, leaving me to mostly just ride and occasionally referee.  As I mentioned in Biking Montreal: Evolution of a Risk Adverse Mother, I used to bike while chatting with Farrah who took great advantage of sitting under my chin.  I would then look over my shoulder and repeat-scream the conversation to Arlo.  I take great pride in being the one communicating with my children but I always felt distracted to the point of danger.  Our new bike still allows for such stimulation and conversation, only now it is mostly between siblings.  The evolution continues and it feels natural; I have become bystander, bemused by backseat shenanigans while moving ever forward, safely.

Bike paths close on November 15th.  If you see us, give a wave!


6 thoughts on “Biking Montreal: Conversion Therapy

  1. We’ve never met, but when I saw a similar contraption on the streets of Cambridge last week I immediately thought of you and was tempted to take a snap and send to you. Looks as if you were one step ahead.


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