Montreal Street Photography, IX, Kids

This woman and child caught my attention while my family and I strolled down Rue St. Denis:


I’d never seen hair that red and curly yet l decided to render the final image black-and-white, drawing focus to the woman’s eyes.

Cherished, 2015

Cherished, 2015

I took the shot and blushed knowing I’d been caught.  I smiled a ridiculous smile but I’ll never know what she was thinking because when I hurried past her, I maintained constant dialogue with my son in order to avoid any contact.  There is a terror in photographing children, alone or with a caregiver, despite it being legal.  Is it nice?  Is it respectful?  I’m a parent – what if someone turned his lens on my kid?  I’ve yet to make peace with the subject but I continue, queasy yet open-eyed.

Lightning Bug, 2015

Lightning Bug, 2015

My kids noticed this toy car in an open doorway.  The owner must have sensed their interest and quickly dashed to his front door to stake his claim.  I gave him a nod of respect as we walked past then quickly turned around to take this picture.

All Day, 2015

All Day, 2015

This boy couldn’t have been more than six years’ old and there was no adult around.  It made me think about my own son who is five-and-a-half and if the era of him playing ball alone on the sidewalk was nigh.  I pushed the terrible thought away and captured this kid’s moves instead, admiring his agility.  He looked at me looking at him several times but never stopped his play.

Adjustment, 2015

Adjustment, 2015

As tender a moment I’ve ever witnessed.

Thanks for reading.  Have a great weekend.



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