Temporary Blindness

Pink eye is so common you can get antibiotics for it without a prescription.  My son had it first and then I got it.


I am 45 and that was the first time I had pink eye so I got it again a week later (or it never actually went away).  The second round was much worse, taking both eyes.  Here is a 7am-11am progression:

IMG_6638 IMG_6641 IMG_6642 IMG_6650

You’ve probably had pink eye.  It sucks.  My eyes burned and my head throbbed all day long.  This happened to be the morning my son was home from school because of a teachers’ strike.  Also, there’s my toddler.  I am a person who does not get “sick days” because I am a Caregiver, so this also makes me a Public Health Hazard.  Yes we left the house.  Yes we ran errands.  Yes we probably went to a playground.  If you are wondering why you now have pink eye, look no further – if you can – I am Patient Zero.

The day after I took these photos I prevented our bike from tipping over using only my shin.

IMG_6662 IMG_6697

This hurt very badly.  I should have went home immediately to ice it.

HA!  Self-care.  Hilarious.

Instead I continued to the grocery store and only after hauling up then unloading all the bags did I finally sit down and take off my boots.  Imagine my surprise/not surprise when I had to peel my sock out of the bloody crevasse.

I immediately texted my husband for sympathy and then posted on Facebook for sympathy because I am still a little bit human.  Then I carried my daughter upstairs to change her diaper and fight over socks and read stories and fill the humidifier and nestle and nurse and never once did I put on my life jacket first.

I don’t even know how you do that.  That’s what mothers hear all the time: take care of yourself so you can take care of everyone else!  Put your life jacket on before assisting others!  What life jacket?  I AM THE LIFE JACKET.

I have been getting some heat lately about giving everything of myself to my kids which is weird because I am required to give everything of myself to my kids even when gouged and blind.  So I ask, where is my sick day?  Can you get me an ice-pack?  Who exactly is putting on their life jacket before assisting me?  Hello?  No?  Then please:


Step aside.  I’ve got groceries to put away and bandages to change.


One thought on “Temporary Blindness

  1. Last time we dealt with Pink Eye, we were required to still go into the doctors. I thrilled to hear you can just call it in.
    I do hope things are improving. You still fabulous – you wear your wounds and illness well. Hugs!

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