Veteran Status: Part I, Basic Training

For Veterans Week, the one that started it all:

Black Panty Salvation

Veteran Status:
A Five-Part Series on My Life in the Army


Basic Training

Private Krzycki, Lisa A.

United States Army Basic Trainee

Fort Jackson, South Carolina

August, 1989- October, 1989

After high school I went to Eastern Michigan University for one year and lost my oh-this-is-what-freedom-tastes-like mind.  Out of money and nowhere to go, I joined the Army.  I enlisted for three years instead of the usual four, finding that one extra year just too much of a commitment.  I was 19.  For the next couple of months I did nothing but work the day shift at an auto-parts factory in Howe, Indiana and then run in the afternoon.  I listened to Prince on my Sony Walkman and ran and ran and ran.  My recruiter never told me that I’d be timed on my running, he only said there would be a lot of running…

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