“Make arrangements for someone to take your baby.”

It’s Veterans Week so I’m sharing favorite posts from the past. Here is Paula’s story from her time in the Navy. Thanks again Paula!

Black Panty Salvation

Welcome to Veterans Week here at BPS.  Every day I will introduce a fellow Veteran and share her story of military service.

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Paula and I were high school classmates more than 25 years ago.  Today Paula is a mother of two, Zakk and Ridgely, a phlebotomist, and a platinum blonde ballsy bombshell.  Paula is also a Veteran.

Paula with her children, Zakk and Ridgely. Photo by Angela Anderson. Zakk, Paula and Ridgely. Photo by Angela Anderson.

Here is her story:

When did you enlist in the Navy?  Where were you living and why did you join?

I enlisted in January, 1993. I had graduated with a BA in Philosophy in June, 1992. I was living in Columbus, Ohio working at Sears Portrait Studio and Cacique. I believe it was a Wednesday when I went to see a recruiter with a friend of mine, Bill.  I was not planning on joining – I just gave Bill a ride –…

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