Montreal Street Photography, XI

More misses than hits this week.


Chanel, 2015

Except for it being at night, this was a pretty easy shot to take because the subject was motionless.  I also like the contrasting light on his face but ultimately it doesn’t tell much of a story.


Barbershop, 2015

One of the hits I think but I like the close-up more:


Wingmen, 2015


The camera on my iPhone is so capable but when it comes to night or zoom, I need my Canon.  This picture is unfiltered – it was a spectacular evening in the Plateau – but this was the best I could manage with my phone.


These two beautiful people were enjoying one of the best-looking PDAs I have ever witnessed.  And I had my iPhone.  Shame.


Is this the epitome of holiday city-living or what?  Then … that pole.

This is probably the best street shot I took all week but again with blur of the phone.  Those are also my kids in the old-timey phonebooth so not sure if it counts as street photography.  I’ll include anyway because it’s charming and you know … my kids.


The lesson for me this week is two-fold; carry the right equipment and practice more at night.  It is winter after all.

Thank you as always for your feedback,


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