Coloring Salvation: Queen Ellie

I picked up coloring as something to enjoy with my son when he’s table-side.
Some say it’s not therapy but the mind drifts when hands shift and here’s what I’ve been thinking:


I colored this heart on my friend Ellie’s birthday.  I met Ellie in Madison, Wisconsin and spent many afternoons at her house while my son Arlo played with her grandson Jack.  It was a friendship that felt very one-sided.  I would walk into her house, take off my shoes and carry Farrah upstairs to her sunroom.  I would then lay on the floor, a puddle of exhaustion, while Ellie both played with my baby daughter and managed the two boys.  She made popsicles, she buckled helmets, she put on band-aids and she listened to me.  She always listened to me.  I know that my kids’ visits brought her joy but she must have been tired too, yet she never turned puddle.  When I colored this heart I remembered how good it felt to be heard and so I colored Ellie a crown, for she will always be a queen in my eyes.


2 thoughts on “Coloring Salvation: Queen Ellie

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