Coloring Salvation: Mask

I picked up coloring as something to enjoy with my son when he’s table-side.
Some say it’s not therapy but the mind drifts when hands shift and here’s what I’ve been thinking:


I colored this heart on a long car ride in order to avoid interacting with my husband.  It was late summer and we were in the worst way, he and I.  Stretched over the bone, I pulled a mask over who I really was and gave just enough to keep myself and my marriage alive.

In my most honest and desperate moments I dream of giving up everything to become a monk to motherhood.  When I came close to this mark, like I did this summer, I was at my most patient, most loving and most satisfied.  I did not miss myself; not my writing, not my photography nor my husband.  I achieved the enlightenment such zealotry offers but I weakened my marriage for I am no monk.  I do not live alone.

Science drives me to give everything to my children.  When I was eight weeks’ pregnant with my daughter, I found out fragments of her DNA flowed through my veins.  Pregnancy, labor, birth, breastfeeding; these acts of communion between myself and my children are incomparable to any other relationship I have had or will ever have.  Who I have become is undeniable.  And awesome.  Still, Mother is at odds with Wife.  There is no biological pull to my husband; that has to come from somewhere else, as it must be given.  If my well is empty, math tells me I must take away from my children so that I can add to my marriage.  Math fighting science.  Science against math.  Man against wife.  Mask upon mask.

I don’t color in the car anymore.  As the weather cooled, so did we but not so easily and not without help.  I work to stay married and so does my husband.  Sometimes it’s hard but mostly it just means taking off a mask.  We do not run through each other’s veins, but we are connected and want to remain so, just like we said we would before one of us became someone else entirely.


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