Montreal Street Photography, XII


Stationary, 2015

Coco Rico

Coco Rico, 2015


Stride, 2015


Herringbone, 2015


Untitled, 2015

Now for some self-critique:

Cable Knit

Cable Knit, 2015

What was difficult for me here, like in “Cherished, 2015“, was deciding on black-and-white.  The vast majority of street photography I view is black-and-white and so I often feel pressure to make this change to my own photography so I can fit the genre.  I know this is the opposite of artistic impression but the feeling still plagues.  Here’s the original:

Cable Knit

I love the contrast between this man’s baby blue sweater and his aged skin, but does the color distract from the details?  Unable to answer the question myself I went for the black-and-white.  Either way I am pleased with what I captured.  (For the record this man was not hiding his face from my camera, this is the position he held as he read a newspaper.  I feel compelled to add this note because if someone saw me and deliberately shielded his face, I would not publish his photo.)

Immediately to the right of the frame below, two men worked to remove graffiti with a power sprayer.  This is the scene of dreams; steam floating across a busy city street.  This kind of picture should take itself – and mine’s not bad – but I am unable to distinguish between noise (high ISO due to extremely low light) and the steam.  I suppose this is when a tripod comes in handy but I don’t walk around with own one.

Power Wash, 2015

Power Wash, 2015

Same night, same intersection.  This is a photo I would love to master but I have no idea how to successfully capture 1) a body in motion 2) at night 3) with a headlamp and 4) bright background light.  I mean, he’s creating a spotlight wherever he goes!  It’s a great street scene.  I said I would get out and practice more at night and I have but this grainy-ass shot tells me I have a long way to go.


Deer, 2015

Finally and without comment, I share my favorite shot of the week:

Basking, 2015

Basking, 2015

Thank you for your feedback in the Comments and a special thank you to those who chose to follow me after “Before I Go“.

(Follow me after before I go.  Sorry.)

I sincerely appreciate your readership.


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