Calling Ahead

Arlo’s birthday falls one week before Christmas and he is generously given many gifts in this short time.  I am what you call a “Christmas Person”.  I like to build anticipation using an advent calendar but I don’t want to bring anything more into the house.  This year I was inspired by Pinterest (I guess I am also what you call a “Pinterest Mom”) and created Arlo a Lego countdown using tiles he already owns.

IMG_7273 IMG_7390 IMG_7460 IMG_7471 IMG_7500
IMG_7501 IMG_7414

I am not however, what you would call a “Creative Type”.  I write (and color!) but I don’t build stuff, draw, knit, decoupage, etc.  My kids don’t get homemade play dough.  In other words, I have no business creating a Lego countdown calendar.  It was extremely challenging and very time-consuming but I had a revelation while working on this project; I never found myself thinking, “I should be doing something else.”

A lot of people ask me when will I go back to work or more generally, what will I do with all that time when both kids are in school.  I reply with great seriousness, “I hope to never work again,” and it always gets a hearty laugh.  But really, I hope to never work again.  Part of this stems from the fact I worked full-time from age 19-38 and every summer from age 14.  I’ve had a full work experience.  Mostly though, I don’t believe parenting requires less of me as my kids get older.  Or at least it hasn’t yet, not by a long shot.  Exhibit A: Summer Break.  There has never been a time in the past six years where I have sat back and thought, “Now what?”

Could I have purchased a Lego advent calendar?  Hell yes and I may still next year, but when Arlo surveyed the collection of all he built and said “When I look at all these I feel proud,” I knew my time was well-spent.

I know what you mean, kid.

I know what you mean, kid.

As long as I have the privilege of time, I’m going to fill it with ways to connect with my kids.  I’m not thinking about what’s next.  I’m in it.  It’s not always great — omg I would rather build Legos alone at 10am then while comatose at 10pm O.M.G. — but I know what tomorrow will bring and the next day and the next year, if I’m lucky.  I know I have found my calling.


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