MMM: Gray in Magog

Mostly Montreal Monday

Shots and thoughts from my new home of Montreal

We took a couple of days to visit the Eastern Township city of Magog and dream about a more permanent getaway.  With the extended mild temperatures there’s been more drug use in the alley behind our garage, both the soft-core and hard-core variety:



I’m over it.  Even you, teenagers smoking pot back there on your lunch break, especially you.  You are too close to what I have and I am not ready for that, not by a long stretch.

I do enjoy city living but having a clean, green, weekend house in the country is becoming more and more appealing.  Despite the gloomy weather, Magog has a lot to offer:

_MG_7392 _MG_7384 _MG_7378 _MG_7369 _MG_7363 _MG_7310 _MG_7298 _MG_7286 _MG_7285 _MG_7307 _MG_7259 _MG_7252

Well, better to return in the spring I think.

But potential!  Past the fog and clouds you could glimpse the pleasantry of Magog, like how there was free parking because Christmas!


And speaking of Christmas, the halls were decked real nice:

_MG_7231_MG_7364 _MG_7360_MG_7245

Back at the rental, when we weren’t building legos



we were figuring out how light works


and that chocolate can come in liquid form:


I often say life isn’t always sunshine and puppy dogs; sometimes it’s gray and covered in goose shit.  Or blood-soaked cotton gauze.  But you’ve got to put on your rain boots, get out there and explore your options for a brighter tomorrow and all those days off school.  Just be careful where you step.

Thanks Magog and Happy Monday to you, Fellow Dreamers.


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