Killer Ice Truck


I bought my son this building set for his birthday.  It is a Canadian Tire repair shop complete with a tool wall and ice truck.


It is a perfect snapshot of my six-year-old’s life: Legos, Montreal, French, trucks, and winter.  He spent many hours on this project, what with its monochromatic design and unfamiliar instructions, and he beamed at the accomplishment.  I did too because I spent most of those hours at his side, encouraging, redirecting and fetching goldfish crackers.  Witness and waitress, with pleasure.

I asked a fellow mother at pick-up the other day why she still walks her 8-year-old and 12-year-old back and forth to school.  This was a very poor choice of words as evidenced by the bewildered look on her face.

What I meant was, how does she still walk with her kids at that age?  And does she have any tips for how I can maintain that connection with my own kids?  That’s what I meant.  Mouth words brain words no same when sleep none.

Simple: she’d always done it and it never occurred to her to stop.  Further, her kids never asked her to stop and for me this is key – walking back and forth to school with Mom is the expectation.  Being with Mom is normal.  My kids are the same, I am their Constant.  This is their expectation and as long as I’m able, that is what I will deliver.

I used to wonder when my child would play independently.  I used to long for it, desperately even, and now I can see it on the horizon.  My son is changing before my eyes.  He focuses on a single project much longer.  He plays with his sister differently.  His ideas are bigger and his questions are broader.  He is expanding and since he lives within me, so do I, accommodating with pleasure.


5 thoughts on “Killer Ice Truck

  1. Well said. I wonder what the future looks like, too. The best part of being a parent is watching them spread their wings, especially after waiting so patiently for so long.
    Killer ice truck, indeed, too!


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