Head Lines

Have you seen the “Aging Obama” pictures of late?

From CBSNews

From CBSNews

They are meant to illustrate the toll of his presidency.  I also spent the past six years aging prematurely but unlike the President, I can get nipped and tucked and not worry about headlines.

Head. Lines.

Sometimes it only takes five minutes’ worth of make-up to feel better but I have several reasons not to put on make-up:

  • Snow = runny mascara
  • Sick = clown face due to bright red nose
  • Time = amirite?

I love wearing make-up though.  I like how my painted face contrasts with my un-hairstyle.  I like the tools.  I like the precision.  Lately my eyebrows have been on point:

No filter, for your pleasure.

No filter, for your pleasure.


As much as I like my face though I’m ready to stick needles in it.  Or because I like my face I’m ready to stick needles in it?  I went to a rejuvenation spa for a consultation recently and here’s what I learned:

My 11s are in good shape.  I was like “My what?”  WHAT?  “11s” apparently are the parallel wrinkles in-between your eyebrows.  Here is Matt Damon, who like me, is 45:

From "The Martian"

From “The Martian”

He has well-defined 11s, perfect for the gravitas of an actor his age.  I suspect he’ll keep them.  Hell, they’re probably insured.  But when my 11s become 11s, they will be filled.

My skin could benefit from laser light therapy and mild dermabrasion.  I also learned that the woman I spoke with was 39 and I nearly handed her all my credit cards right on the oh-wait-there-is-no spot.  She looked amazing but had started these procedures herself more than 10 years ago.  I took my hand off my wallet pondering a flawless but endless and very expensive future.

I have not returned to the “spa”.  I do feel when my term is over I could use a pick-me-up, in the literal sense, but right now I’m going to work with what I’ve got, which is plenty, and make time for things that pick-me-up in the figurative sense, like ridiculous gifs:


How are you feeling this winter?  What is making you feel good about yourself?  Is it candy?  Yeah, me too.



2 thoughts on “Head Lines

  1. lol, 11’s, that is fabulous. I have a nice one and wear it proud as I am slowing accepting the aging process. Winter makes me live inside a lotion bottle. CO air is so dry and adding cold on top of it makes things itchy. Its pretty but I am kinda over now.


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