Coloring Salvation: Atlas

I picked up coloring as something to enjoy with my son while he builds Legos.
Some say it’s not therapy but the mind drifts when hands shift and here’s what I’ve been thinking:


Atlas, 2016

My body is on my mind.

Want to see something gross?

DUH.  Yes.


One of the many advantages to having an older child who breastfeeds is that no lump, bump or mole goes undetected.  After being scratched and infected a few times, I thought best to have a dermatologist remove my moles instead of my three-year-old.  I had two burned off my chest.  This procedure includes plucking then pulling the flesh upwards then singeing off the top.  It was fascinating.


I also had two moles cut out of my back:


It had been a while since I had my skin checked which is opposite-smart because 1) I am very pale and 2) I lived in Bermuda for three-and-a-half years.  Add in all the summers I spent detasilling corn as a teenager and now my skin is opposite-healthy.

When the dermatologist saw my back he said with great romance, he “would remove one for you and one for me”.  The mole I wanted off was lower and rubbed against my bra strap.  The mole he wanted off was large and displayed trademarks of skin cancer.  I had no idea it was even there.  You have my attention, Doctor.  Carve away.


You also have my attention, Body.  This is why we take care of ourselves when we are the last thing on our minds.  Somebody look at me!  Somebody touch me!  Somebody help me!  So I then in turn can look at, touch and help the little somebodies who need me.

There are no more moles to scratch and the lab never called so I move forward, grateful that I have a story to write about and not a sentence to carry out.

Take care, Dear Readers.  Have a good weekend and cover up!


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