In the Day Garden

Just like in Madison, the Botanical Gardens here in Montreal is an ideal place to spend a wintry morning.

Just like in Madison, we are the only ones at the Garden on a wintry morning.

Farrah and I are so frequently alone in public places that if I didn’t have six years’ experience under my belt, I’d wonder if I was doing it all wrong.


Parc LaFontaine, one of the largest, nicest and most central parks in Montreal. Obviously.

I am amazed at people who stay home all day with their kids, literally inside their house.  We just crawl up each other’s butt if we’re in the house all day.  I want to work, she wants to play and there’s only so much integration you can do in that area before she gets wise.  So we leave the house daily and have grand adventures, just the two of us, just like her brother and I did before her.

There’s also a huge upside to being out and about during the week and ironically, it’s being able to avoid crowds.  I stepped inside a grocery store on a Saturday afternoon and it was like entering the DMZ.  There were lines and Security Guards.  Lines!  Going to the grocery store on a Wednesday morning at 9:30 is so easy.  It’s just us and the seniors and the people stocking shelves.  We have so much space in the aisles I’m considering bringing Farrah’s scooter so she can get some practice.  They’ll love that I’m sure.

Where are you going this winter?  Have you spotted other members of your tribe?   Wanna hang out some time?


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