From the Pride Lands

The kids are into The Lion Guard lately so I dug up photos from my trip to Tanzania, from that time I saw all those animals “for real?  For really real?” as Arlo would say.

IMGP0473 IMGP0503 IMGP0571 IMGP0584 hyena

Going through the album I was struck by how far I am from the person I used to be.

That's me in the red tank top. Behind the elephant.

That’s me in the red tank top. Behind the elephant.

I used to see great things.

I used to do great things.

I went to Tanzania in 2003 with Habitat for Humanity.  My last HfH trip was to Poland in 2006, ten years ago.  It’s been eight years since I founded Bermuda’s Fertility Support Group and two years since shaved my head for St. Baldrick’s.  I lamented to my friend, “My greatest personal achievement of 2015 was going blonde.”  Pathetic.  Never even mind that I hated it.  She reminded me that no, the most significant thing I did was keep two children healthy and happy all year long.  Indeed.  Thanks, friend.

I still see great things.

Profile Pic (1)

I still do great things.


But man, are they different things.



4 thoughts on “From the Pride Lands

  1. Lisa,
    You see and do great things that nobody else could. Your (great) kids are a result of all your blood, sweat, tears, shivers and smiles, and patience when sometimes you feel you don’t have any more to give!
    It’s relatively easy to go places and see great things and take great pictures when compared to being a full time SAHM. It never stops, you don’t take a flight back ‘home’ you make the new reality your home! :)
    Stay strong, keep writing! And Thank you!
    A big hug from Lisbon, Portugal! :)

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