Sharpening Tool

It started when I found myself applying the “sharpening” tool to all my photos.  I assumed my lens was broken.  All three of my lenses must be broken because all my photos were blurry.

Then I could no longer color, but no matter, that was just a silly hobby.  I set it aside.

The magnifying mirror on my make-up vanity?  That was for precision.


What does it take to finally take care of yourself?

Your kid.  My kid.  My six-year-old got a splinter in his heel and I couldn’t get it out.  I couldn’t get it out because I couldn’t see it.  I couldn’t see it because I needed reading glasses.  I didn’t own reading glasses because I couldn’t be bothered.

I couldn’t be bothered with seeing.


It wasn’t vanity that put me off buying glasses for so long, though admittedly dependence played a factor, it just wasn’t important enough.  I often find that if it doesn’t benefit my children, it doesn’t get done.  Are you the same way?

Now I look like this sometimes.


Jesus approved.

When my kids needs their fingernails clipped or legos separated or dollhouse furniture glued I look like this.  My son said to me laughing, “Momma, you don’t look like a Momma!” the last time I wore my glasses.  I wonder what he meant.  I was too busy loosening his swim goggles to ask.

Looking back (way, way back, there, that’s good) it seems crazy that I delayed improving my vision.  Where would I be without my kids?  No really, where?  I CAN’T READ THAT MAP.  They make me a better person in so many ways but I never thought they would literally let me see the light.

Now, about my hearing …




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