About Salvation


I am Lisa, mother of two and lord of none.  Hi!

Black Panty Salvation is about pregnancy, motherhood, feminism, photography and candy.  It is also about my life in Montreal, (b. 2014), Madison, (b. 2012) and my past lives in Bermuda, San Francisco and New York.  It’s also about those years I was in the Army and how I like to look.  Sometimes I write about my Bengali family.

Black Panty Salvation is what you see in the Tag Cloud to your right.  When I first started writing in 2012, “IVF” and “infertility” were the boldest tags.  Now it is “parenthood” with “Montreal” and “breastfeeding” close behind.  The Cloud records it all, come rain or come shine, and so do I.

Finally, I chose Black Panty Salvation as my blog’s title because it was 1) provocative and 2) black panties covered the blood of my many miscarriages, saving me from glimpsing the loss, if only for a moment.  I think from that explanation you can tell something else About Salvation: I didn’t come to f*ck around.  I bet you didn’t either.

Browse and Enjoy Salvation.

Here are some favorites to get you started:

Yours for the Taking


lisa final

Mothering Not Modeling

Basic Training

Veteran Status: Basic Training

Chart PG1

Expecting Salvation: My First Pregnancy


Tornados in the Bedroom



31 Weeks

That’s Incredible!

One Little Indian Boy

One Little Indian Boy


11 thoughts on “About Salvation

  1. Wow Lisa! Once again you inspire. I love reading anything you’ve written, and this, I’m sure, will be funny and poignant, searingly painful on occasion, and full of love. Sudden changes in my life put the brakes on a beautifully blooming friendship with you. I think of you very fondly and always will. Love, Shyama


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